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Q:  How much does the engraving cost?  

A:  NO EXTRA CHARGE - All of our KA-BAR products come with the Engraving you supply and/or Logo(s), the Logo Modification if needed, and Free USPS PRIORITY MAIL (1-3 Days) Shipping at the price shown.  


Q:  Where are the kbars made   

A:  All of the Series 1200 Fighting Knives that we show on our Website are made by KA-BAR Knives, Inc. in their factory in Olean, New York.    KA-BAR offers a wide selection of knives from the small Shark Bite to the huge Becker Kukri, some of which are manufactured overseas; however the Fighting Knives we offer are made here in the USA.  


Q:  I ordered a KA-BAR from Bufs last year.   Is this the same Bufs?   

A:  Yes it is.   We have been in business here in Beaufort, SC since 1975.   We have had our Website for over 20 years and this new Website design is made to make it easier to use and more Mobile Friendly.


Q:  Can you ship to Australia? 

A:  Sorry, but no.   We are not an Exporter.   We can ship to the 50 USA States and the Territories via USPS.   We also ship overseas to APO, FPO, and DPO addresses as their Distribution Centers are in the USA and we ship there.  


Q:  is the walnut plaque real walnut   

A:  Yes.  The Walnut Products we show are made of Genuine American Walnut  


Q:  Can I get the Air Force KA-BAR with the brown wood handle?  

A:  The handle color is determined by which Military Branch you order.   The USMC, Navy, and Army KA-BARs have a Brown Leather handle and their respective branches stamped into the Blade by KA-BAR, Inc. near the hilt before applying the Black Coating on the blade.  Since the others (Air Force, Coast Guard, and Civilian) don't have a designated KA-BAR, we use the Black Handle KA-BAR with "USA" stamped into the blade for them.   


Q:  Are these REAL K-Bars?   

A:  YES  We are an Authorized KA-BAR Distributor.  The 1200 Fighting Knives that we show on our Website are made by KA-BAR Knives, Inc. in their factory in Olean, New York.    


Q:  Can I get my kabar engraved by your company?   

A:  Probably.   But not all KA-BARs can be Laser Engraved.   This option is not offered on our Website so you will need to contact us ( 843 524-3600 or bufs@islc.net ) and we can discuss the probability of Engraving your KA-BAR for you.   


Q:  My son is graduating Boot Camp on Parris Island soon.   Can we pick up his KA-BAR and Stand-Up display at your store?   

A:  Yes.  You should select "In Store Pickup" at Checkout and we can hold your order for you.   We are located in Beaufort, SC, just across the river from Parris Island.    Go to our "Contact Us" page for details about location and open hours.  If needed, we can e-mail you a more detailed map.  Just request it in the "Special Instructions".


Q:  Do the Coins come with the oak coin holder?  

A:  Sorry but No.   Thank You for pointing this out to us so we will adjust our description on the Coin Displays accordingly.    


Q:  I recently got a KA-BAR and Wall Display from you.   What do I need to do to take care of them?   

A;  Not much maintenance is necessary but a light coat of Gun Oil applied to the blade periodically will keep any rust from forming on the exposed steel.   


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